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Ocean Network Express Philippines Regional Office

ONE emerged from the legacy of three leading Japanese liner companies, namely MOL, NYK and 'K' Line. These companies pride themselves on their service-oriented culture which is now embedded in ONE’s DNA. ONE is thriving on the combined experience of legacy Japanese shipping companies, with a strong focus on schedule integrity and on time performance which are critical for the transportation of refrigerated cargo segment. Being the third largest, young and state of the art reefer fleet in the world, ONE provides the best in class reliable “cargo care” with optimized services to meet our customers’ diversified needs.

Project Details

Project Name: Structured Cabling System Fit-out (Regional Office)

Project Owner: Ocean Network Express Philippines Project Duration: 45 days Applications: Data, Voice and Image applications

Copper Cable Type: CAT6 Fiber Cable Type: 10G Link Total Nodes: 150


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