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University of Cebu Medical Center

An Affiliate of the University of Cebu (the largest privately-held educational institution in the country) and the University of Cebu School of Medicine, UCMed aspires to be a training hospital for the students and medical practitioners in the field of Medicine, Nursing and Allied Medical Services. UCMed is also an affiliate of St. Vincent General Hospital, a 100-bed capacity hospital located in Sambag II, Cebu City.

Project Details

Project Owner: University of Cebu Project Duration: 90 days Applications: Data, Voice, Image (CCTV), WAP (Wi-Fi), Nursing Call

Copper Cable Category: CAT6A, CAT6, CAT5E

Total Nodes: 1500 Copper Cable Backbone: CAT6A 8 Runs

Network Solution: HP Procurev Networks

WAP Solution: Ruckus

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